Donors & Donations

We need your help collecting donations!

The Culinary Arts Cook-Off and Live & Online Silent Auction at Highlands School is coming! The Cook-Off and Live Auction is on Saturday, April 13, 2024, and the Online Silent Auction runs from April 3rd to April 14th *closes at 8 pm MST.

The auctions are a huge part of the success of this event. In 2023, our online auction raised $8,406! We hope to keep the momentum going and gather as many incredible donations as possible for another successful auction.

By donating, you will be making a contribution that will help teachers at Highlands K-9 continue to enrich our students’ learning. Past events have provided funds for various art supplies and events, including:

  • Spring productions
  • Artists in residence
  • FAME Day (art conference for all students)

Donors are recognized on our event’s promotional materials, website, and social media channels. Corporate donors will gain exposure as company names are shared with those who support and attend the event.

How do I donate?

  • Auction Items: Donations can be dropped off at the Highlands School main office during regular school hours. Please include your contact information or business card so we can appropriately acknowledge your contribution. Alternatively, submit your donation idea by emailing us at
  • Monetary Donations: please send your e-transfer to (no security question required – automatic deposit – you will receive an email confirmation that your gift was received). Please include your contact information in the e-transfer message and mention that it is a donation so we can appropriately acknowledge your contribution.

What can I contribute?

We often have to look no further than our personal circles to get some fabulous donations. It’s truly inspiring how giving our community can be; we are ever humbled and grateful for everyone’s generosity and consideration.

Some great donation ideas include:

  • Tickets (concert, ballet, theatre, or symphony)
  • Electronics
  • Gift cards
  • Artwork and handmade crafts (paintings, quilts, or crochet scarves)
  • Services (home-based or corporate business)
  • Gift baskets (emergency car kit, beach party, BBQ, pet treats, candy, liquor cabinet, or beauty essentials)

Thinking out of the box:

  • Do you know a local farmer who would donate farm-fresh goods? (i.e. a side of beef or seasonal produce boxes)
  • Do you know a massage therapist, chiropractor, or hairstylist willing to donate a service?
  • Do you know a car dealership or auto detailing shop contact who would donate a service? (i.e. an oil change, car detailing package)

Without the incredible support of people like you, our community, and the generous commitment of local businesses, our event wouldn’t be one of the most successful school fundraisers in the city. This event is our main fundraiser, and all proceeds fund activities and events integral to our Arts Core Programming. We are humbled and ever grateful for your enormous show of support and consideration.

Many, many thanks & appreciation from the bottom of our hearts!

Visit our 2024 Donors page to see this year’s generous donors.