2024 Donors

Without the support of people like you, our community, and the generous donors recognized on this page, our event wouldn’t be one of the most successful school fundraisers in the city. This event is our main fundraiser, with all proceeds funding activities, events, and supplies integral to our Arts Core Programming. We are humbled and ever grateful for your enormous show of support.

We're still actively collecting online silent auction donations! Last year, donations alone raised $8,406! Many thanks and appreciation from the bottom of our hearts to our incredible donors!

2024 Corporate Donations


    2024 Private Donations

    • Kohkum Linda's Family
    • Kit Anderson
    • Nickela Anderson
    • Claudia Archer
    • Sandyne Beach-McCutcheon
    • Silken Bruder
    • Olivia Buck
    • Fiona Burns
    • Sandra Caverhill
    • Smith Cramton
    • Alyssa Demers
    • David Dickie
    • Mary Ann Dobson
    • Jeremy Frentz
    • Kes & Alora Gilmour
    • Keith Goertzen
    • Martha Goertzen
    • Linda Hall
    • Dawn Hammermeister
    • Melissa Harmsma
    • Kaela & Oscar Hayes
    • Chris Henderson
    • Shirley Knopke
    • Joanne Landmark
    • Warren Lindstrom
    • Nancy McGowan
    • Fiona & Linda Mecready
    • Christina Miketic
    • Christine Misak
    • Marlene Mulder
    • Aileen Pel
    • Beverly Pottie
    • Marilyn Quaedvlieg
    • Rhyan Vercholuk
    • Natayla Yaremchuk
    • Theresa Yaremchuk